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Welcome to the High Pressure Group

The interior of the Earth is and was a highly dynamic environment with impact on the Earth's surface and atmosphere: Volcanic eruptions and the release of volatiles into the atmosphere, for example, have direct consequences for life on our planet.

The High Pressure Group is dedicated to study deep Earth processes experimentally by exposing sample material to relevant pressure, temperature and redox conditions. Investigating the distribution of elements between co-existing phases, such as e.g. liquids and solids in melting processes, allows conclusions to be drawn about the evolution of the Earth in the past, present and future. Complementary thermodynamic analysis of the systems of interest and/or observations obtained from field-work and natural samples is routinely employed in our group and contributes to the scientific broadness in our research.

Upcoming Events

24 May 2017, Colloquium

The Andes-Amazonian system, Past and Present

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1 June 2017, Talk

Shear Response of a Dilatant Circular Patch at a Compressed Geological Interface

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8 June 2017, Seminar

GeoPetro seminar - From Petrogenesis to Provenance: The Geologic Utility of Tourmaline

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14 June 2017, Talk

Die Erholung der Formenvielfalt der Ammonoideen nach dem Massenaussterben am Ende des Perm im Spiegel der Faunen aus Timor

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12 July 2017, Talk

Der Insektenmergel des nordschweizerischen Juras: eine Fossillagerstätte?

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